Yea, this is just me getting my wings wet a little bit. I'm still working on some interior decorating around here. But lets get started with the recent and not so decent:

So this made news over at koreabang

My thoughts? The way this story is portrayed is in such an anecdotal click-bait fashion that I can't help but have a knee-jerk reaction, and just shake my head at the whole situation. It brings up both the issue of dog consumption in Korea, and the often questionable policing policies in this country. Only the latter of which I think this article makes a good point about.

Also in the news but a little more obscure, apparently the street vendors in Gangnam have aggravated the wrong people. Earlier this week a violent mob attacked a number of stalls as reported here. I first heard of this incident when a fellow motorcyclist posted this first-hand video on facebook. This incident hearkens back to the days of unaccountable government crackdowns in which unidentified participants under the employ of the local government destroy property and issue violent beatings in the street. In the same vein as the previous article police did nothing to help or intervene. Sure Gangnam streets are crowded, I commuted there for work for a year and a half, I know. But this kind of thing is beyond unacceptable for a modern first world country. I think we can only sincerely hope that some figurative political heads roll over this.

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