Bikes to be Emissions Tested

Uh Oh... Just when I (sort of) get this blog on its feet and go on about the wonders of two-wheeled travel, the government puts this in our mailboxes. It is countrywide, and virtually everyone I know who rides 260cc and above is required to submit to emissions testing or get slapped with huge fines (myself included ㅠㅠ) This does however strengthen my argument for the Hyosung 250 being the best bike for Korea., as it will be exempt from this dog and pony show.

For those of us who are caught in the new requirements, I'm not sure how bad this'll be. The
gov't does have some English info available, but it seems these are for new vehicles so maybe the current bikes on the road will get different standards. I did find another image posted by a friend, that seems to not be official, but gives what appears to be more reasonably graduated guidelines for testing(noise levels too). Without knowing how badly your bike pollutes, or without being familiar with emissions standards, this may prove to be quite the task for some of us with older motorcycles to pass. I will keep this updated until I have more concrete, official information. Hell, I just might put my own results up here.

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