Things shaking up...

I was quite tired when I woke up this morning. It occurred to me that this was likely due to my girlfriend restlessly flopping about; seemingly contending with another bout of insomnia. I soon learned on the Reddit grapevine that in fact an earthquake had shook Seoul awake this morning, and I slept right through it! I heard some had it pegged as a 5.1 but for that I figured I wouldn't have slept through it. Sure it work my girlfriend up, but she didn't realize an earthquake had happened. I suppose I should get used to it as we are planning on moving to Japan someday.

It seems that's not all the drama going down lately as artillery shells were exchanged near the maritime DMZ. The location of this is alarmingly close to Yeonpyeongdo(연평도) The island that was shelled three years ago resulting in four deaths, and the site where the Cheonan(천안) warship was sunk resulting in 46 deaths. Warning was given a few hours before the North's exercise began, and when they started shooting over the boarder South Korean military responded in kind. So basically it amounted to one huge pissing contest with artillery shells. Seeing as this is likely to be forgotten as just some more antics of our Northern neighbors, it hasn't raised much of a stir outside of the news. Honestly, the most tangible effect that North Korea seems to have on life in Seoul is that the foreign exchange rates seem to take a noticeable dip before stabilizing a month or so later on. Try this for a more interesting look on the current situation.

Along with all this it seems spring is finally here when the cherry trees starting blooming on Friday. I believe riding season is also coming into full swing, so hopefully this will result in some good posts on awesome places to visit and a few posts on any motocamping adventures I get up to... 


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