Tragedy Unfolding

Sleep has been evading me recently. I can't tell if this is the second or the third day that I havn't been able to sleep due to respiratory problems. At first I thought it was the spike in 황사 getting to me. Now I really have no idea whats causing it. Despite the misery, It all fades away when I imagine what happened near Jindo just yesterday.

At least I have air to breath. At least my parents don't have to think of me suffering a terrible fate in an overturned oceanliner. My heart truely pains for all those wrapped up in this. Many of the students last bits of communication with their parents were simply gut-wrenching.  I suppose the reason this has such an impact on me is mostly due to the fact that for the three times that I have visited Jeju over the years, Two were by ferries leaving from Mokpo and Wando. I'm certain that I've seen the lost ship, the Sewol, parked in the harbor before, even though I'd never been on it.

Honestly I havn't felt this way since 9/11. I suppose that in many ways I feel that in light of events such as these, the only way I can manage to live a good life is to make the most of what I have. No matter how I manage to find my end when it happens, I want to be damn sure that I've lived my life to its fullest.

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