Turning over a new metal leaf

A couple of weeks ago I had a rather bad Saturday in which my cell phone was lost (found again thanks to the staff at Riding House cafe), and the hard disk on my laptop died. After getting over my misfortune I became perplexed at the untimely death of the HDD. While I have not been as into computer hardware for the better part of the past decade as I once was I can not remember a single time in which I had experienced such a dramatic hardware failure. It was especially surprising as this is a (relatively) new machine. My laptop went from fully functioning to bricked with the HDD knocking sound from hell in an instant.

Actually in this situation I am quite lucky, less so than with my phone situation as I had to purchase a new disk. I opted for a much smaller drive against all my other instincts for the purpose of getting an SSD. Solid state storage options are certainly pricy, but considering how I plan to use a variety of VMs in the future, I will likely need the data speed. At the end of the day it wasn't much of an issue to get my notebook fixed at technomart for 150,000. The issue came about when I was required to re-build my OS from the ground up. I'm now on Ubuntu 14.04 rather than 12.04, and there are a few differences for me to get used to here. In any case the upshot is that I get more experience with Linux, and maybe I've even found the kick-in-the-butt I've needed to re-kindle my long neglected interest in coding.

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